Der allezeit fertige Polonoisen= und Menuettencomponist


von Johann Philipp Kirnberger

[Deutsche Version]

Usage: Click the "Throw" button to throw the dice for a new polonaise. When the dice are cast, press "Play", and the piece is served to you as a MIDI file. You can also edit the text field below and hit Enter to set the dice to specific values. Notes: JavaScript must be enabled, and your browser must be configured to handle the audio/midi MIME type.

Part A: die die die die die die Part B: die die die die die die die die

Polonaise #

Comments: Each Kirnberger polonaise consists of two different parts, Part A (6 bars) und Part B (8 bars), from which the piece is put together as follows: A A B A', where A' is the repetition of the last four bars of Part A. The individual bars of Part A and B are determined by the dice values (see Hubert Kupper: Der allezeit fertige Polonoisen= und Menuettencomponist, Musikinformatik & Medientechnik No. 15). By these means, for each throw you get a new polonaise. The MIDI output is generated with a CGI script written in the Q programming language. You can find the Q script here.